iSun Oasis Solar Bench

iSun Oasis Smart Solar Bench

Relax, Recharge, Reconnect

When mobility isn’t just about wheels, recharge your mobile device and your body with the iSun Oasis Smart Solar Bench.

At iSun Energy, we’re proud to make it easy for our clients to adopt sustainable solutions in any shape and form. This is why we’ve partnered with Strawberry Energy of Europe, to bring to you the iSun Oasis Smart Solar Bench.

Smart street furniture is an integral part in developing smart cities. The iSun Solar Bench has the ability to charge any mobile device through integrated solar panels that collect and store energy throughout the day. iSun’s accompanying data platform allows for the monitoring and analysis of key metrics through built in sensors. Advertising and branding opportunities ensure your patrons receive and understand your organization's message.


Solar powered

Completely off-grid, rugged solar panel with battery

Mobile device charging

Supply patrons with USB charging and Wireless charging capability allowing them to charge their mobile devices

Intelligent data analysis

Keep track of data through an array of smart sensors including user counter, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and battery status

Beacon of sustainability

Research shows support for sustainable initiatives is growing. Be a part of a green future, today

Branding opportunities

Either side of the iSun Solar Bench can be customized to your brands' image

Anti-graffiti finish

Protect the image and value of your brand with anti-graffiti finish

Disaster, emergency energy, and communications resiliency

Ensures charging and 3G data available in times of distress

See examples of how your Smart Solar Bench can look

Mobile App, Landing Page, and Online Dashboard

iSun offers a variety of platforms, both customer and organization facing that allow for unparalleled access to key data metrics through an array of sensors.

With a mobile app, track the data or your smart benches from anywhere in the world. 

Our customer facing landing pages can be set up with advertisements and organization information to generate income.

An online dashboard places all of your key information in one, easy-to-view platform.

Sensors transfer data to your mobile app, dashboard, and landing page

Customize your Wi-Fi landing page to include advertisements and information

Track the data or your smart benches from anywhere in the world

End-to-end approach for a secure infrastructure

WiFi Internet and Landing Page

Localized advertising platform

Create, change, and schedule messages that change over the course of a day, week, or weather conditions. Adverts can be made more relevant, more engaging, and more effective.

  • Content on WiFi Landing Page is distributed by the context-aware WiFi management platform
  • Use WiFi landing page to promote your product, services and relevant information, in a smart way
  • Different promotional messages can be published, depending on various conditions around every Smart Bench (weather conditions, geolocation, time of a day, etc.)
  • WiFi access up to 20 meters (60 feet away)

iSun Oasis Solar Bench

iSun Oasis Solar Bench

iSun Oasis Solar Bench

iSun Oasis Solar Bench

iSun Oasis Solar Bench

These images are examples of the landing page's branding and advertising capabilities.

Cloud-based Dashboard

Environmental data analysis and insights to track Smart Bench performance.

The dashboard provides you with an access to generated and collected data, real-time usage statistics, customizable graphs and reports. Compare different Smart Benches and periods of time.

  • Access historical and real-time usage statistics of Smart Bench
  • Track the health of environment around each Smart Bench via built-in environmental sensors
  • Customize and download graphs and usage statistics reports for your business needs
  • Compare data of different Smart Benches throughout selected periods of time
  • Keep track of performance of each Smart Bench and maintain accordingly

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Mobile app for smarter navigation through city

iOS and Android mobile app available to everybody

People can use the app to find the closest, not polluted, or the quietest Smart Bench, and access local relevant information and environmental data collected from built-in sensors.

iSun Oasis Solar Bench

"One of the 25 technologies every smart city should have"


iSun Oasis Solar Bench

"This is the future of benches (in London)"


iSun Oasis Smart Solar Bench

iSun Oasis Smart Solar Bench

  • Steel body with an acrylic glass surface
  • 100w Solar Panel with a 66Ah Battery
  • 2x USB Chargers
  • 2x Qi Wireless Chargers
  • LTE/4G Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • LED Interactive Light
  • Sensor Array
  • User Counter
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Battery status
Starting at $ 4,999 USD

Bench management/data access price: $29/month, per bench

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