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Canopies capable of enhancing the charging experience

Arguably the best tool for enhancing the charging experience, solar canopies enhance the value of a charging station by providing users protection from the elements and asset owners opportunities for branding exposure and incremental revenue. In addition to its standardized line of grid-tied and off-grid solutions, iSun provides custom design, engineering and manufacturing solutions for customers with specific site requirements or aesthetic objectives.

Solar Canopies Benefits

Whether standard or custom, all iSun Solar Canopies maintain the following benefits:

  • Customizable. iSun’s manufacturing capabilities enable customers to select finishes that correspond with even the most exacting branding considerations.
  • Scalable. iSun’s solar canopies can be linked and scaled in increments of 2 to accommodate any parking and/or fleet requirement, and can feature the specific number of chargers specified by the customer.
  • Canopy Mounted Charging. iSun designs allow EV chargers to be mounted directly to the canopy, limiting underground work requirements and expediting installation.
  • Off-grid Capable. Optional battery storage allows for placement in any location without having to be tied to an electrical grid, and without the use of additional concrete footers or piers.
  • Water Management. Optional water management integration protects station users from the elements during inclement weather.
  • Durability and Resilience. Rugged construction allows for reliable use in harsh weather environments and ensures charging and 3G data access in times of distress, emergency, or natural disaster.
  • Hardware and Software Agnostic. Because iSun’s canopies are manufacturer agnostic, they are compatible with most any charging hardware and/or software, and can be retrofitted over existing charging stations without requiring hardware and/or software replacement.

Optimize your charging experience.

Let’s explore how iSun Solar Canopies can enhance your charging station.