Our Team

Our Amazing Team

Sass Peress


Sass’ 30 years of renewable energy and electric mobility experience leads iSun forward towards a sustainable future. When the sun goes down, he enjoys spending time with his golden retriever, Moonlight.

Dan Cohen


Dan has extensive experience in Silicon Valley and Boston’s innovation hub, Dan currently advises on all technology aspects of the iSun system.

Manish Hirapara


Manish, a digital marketing expert, has been along the iSun ride for years. Manish stays motivated each day by his core values of hard work, innovation, and dedication.

Solar Avisar


Sol is at heart a life long learner and innovator. With highly specialized expertise in the field of intellectual property law, Sol his knowledge, expertise, sense of humor, love of humanity, and a dog named Bunjie to iSun.

Kelli Ross


Kelli has been advocating for sustainability ever since learning of the impact of global warming and climate change. Kelli’s first love is the ocean and marine wildlife.

Srutheej Sruthasenan


Srutheej is a creative engineer who is family oriented and a deep thinking futurist. Srutheej’s passion lies in decreasing carbon emissions through sustainable solutions.

Ben Collins


Since he was young, Ben has been using photography, filmmaking, and storytelling to advocate for sustainability. Nothing makes him happier than to spend some time in his hometown by the ocean or in the mountains of his new home in Vermont.

Khalil Ouattara


Khalil brings a deep passion for engineering to the table at iSun. When not working, Khalil spends his time playing soccer and volunteering at local organizations.

Melchizedek Tetteh


Mel is a genius behind the keyboard developing the iSun OS system. Mel spends his time biking, reading, writing poetry, and working out.