Frequently Asked Questions Palm


  • Which solar panels do Palm’s use?

    They use rigid bi-facial solar panels which can produce up to 457 watts each, and can support a snow load of 112.87 lb/ft2 (550.5 kg/m2). These panels provide energy from both top and bottom access to light. This is particularly important for carports since there is a lot of diffuse and ambient light available from the underside. It assures that the iSun Palm produces more power per square inch (or centimetre) than any other similar solar panel. The panels are also made in the USA, which assures quality control and supports local manufacturing jobs.

  • Can we use the energy produced by iSun Palm directly?

    No. iSun Palm is designed as a grid-tied solar power system - energy produced by your iSun Palm solar carport can be consumed by the power load of the building or is fed-back into the electricity grid.

  • What are the dimensions of the Palm?
    Dimensions of Palm for 2 cars
    Dimensions of Palm for 4 cars
    Dimensions of Palm for 6 cars
  • How rigid is the structure?

    Structural Performance of Carports: Provide carports capable of withstanding the effects of the following loads:

    • Dead load: Self Weight, photovoltaic panels, Inverters and AC/DC Disconnects

    • Roof live load: L= 1.5 kN/m2 (31.3 lb/ft2 )

    • Wind Load: Vult = 62 km/h (Risk category II) – 140 MPH

    • Seismic design load: Ss = 2.22, S1 = 1.05, site class = D


  • What comes with the iSun Palm’s?

    Anodized aluminum structure, inverter, solar panels, software monitoring and control.

  • How long does it take to install an iSun Palm?

    iSun Palm can be assembled in 24h for the 2 and 4 cars models, and in 36h for the 6 car model. You will need a qualified solar electrician and installers to connect the system to the your business grid. Optionally, you can choose our Installation services to receive a quote from our qualified installation partner. Assembly instruction are available with the product.

  • Do you supply the hardware needed for the assembly?

    Yes, a box of hardware will be sent along with your iSun Palm for the assembly of the beams and fastening of the solar panels to the structure. This will include stainless steel screws, bolts and nuts. You will however need to procure additional suitable anchoring material, depending on the installation surface- wood, grass, cement, asphalt etc., as well as everything required to wire the solar panel array to the inverter and from inverter to electrical panel of the building. Your licensed electrical contractor will need to procure the necessary wiring to connect your iSun Palm to the supplied solar inverter and finally your building electric grid, as part of the installation process. Please use all the hardware that is supplied for structural purposes. 

  • What are the estimated cost associated with installation of iSun Palm?

    The iSun Palm is a simple kit to install that is only meant to require a licensed electrician and building contractor for the electrical connections and assembly. This helps keep the total cost of iSun Palm very low for the host site.. We estimate the average cost of install at between USD $10-20,000 (CAD $13000-26,000), depending on the size of the unit chosen, yet it depends on your building and various site factors.

  • Do you offer an installation service?

    For our customers, we provide a list of preferred contractors or they may simply use their own. The iSun Palm was designed to be easy for any contractor to assemble and put into functioning state.


  • Who is responsible for obtaining a permit, if needed?

    You or your contractor are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits. We will provide building permit specifications and “permit ready” drawings to accelerate the process. In some instances, local building departments may require architectural stamps, or additional upgrades which your installer should be able to arrange.

Shipping and delivery

  • To which locations for you ship iSun Palm and what is your shipping fees?

    We ship iSun Palm ONLY to a delivery address within the 48 contiguous United States and Canada. Deliver is included in the cost paid to us for the iSun Palm. For shipments outside these geographic locations, please contact us by email: to discuss your order.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    Your complete iSun Palm smart solar canopy will be typically delivered within 14 weeks from your Order Date. If you’ve asked for a special color, then it may add a couple of weeks. You will be advised of your estimated delivery lead time at the time you place the order.

  • How do I pick my delivery date?

    The delivery date is arranged with client before shipping.

  • Do you ship outside the contiguous U.S. or other international locations?

    We do! We can coordinate shipping outside the 48 contiguous United States and Canada. For such orders, we will coordinate delivery to your preferred freight forwarding service and you will be responsible for paying for freight forwarding services.

    As much as we’d like to prevent it, please note that additional shipping and brokerage fees may apply. As a result, orders shipped outside the contiguous U. S. and Canada are not eligible for returns except where damages or defects apply. In addition, it can take a few weeks longer for your order to arrive.

    To learn more about shipping outside the contiguous U. S., please email us at

Cancellation and returns

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We will submit your order to the our factory for procurement and production, three (3) calendar days after the Order Date. During this three (3) day period, you may cancel your order without charge. Your Order Deposit Payment will be refundable if you cancel within this three (3) day period.

    As such, we stock a very limited amount of inventory, therefore we incura significant costs in starting production and procurement of components for your iSun Palm.


  • What is your recommended maintenance of my iSun Palm?

    Your iSun Palm is designed to virtually maintenance free. We recommend you sweep snow and major dirt off the outside rooftop of canopy, once in a while to remove any debris / dust and wipe down the rust proof structure occasionally.


  • What are your warranty policy for iSun Palm Smart Solar Canopy?

    Applicable to the original owner and original delivery address only. Renewz guarantees that the aluminium frame and structure of its iSun Palm smart solar canopy will be free from manufacturer’s defects and corrosion for lifetime. Our solar panels come with manufacturer’s 30 year power performance warranty and the inverter is guaranteed for a period of 10 years.