Frequently Asked Questions - Oasis


  • I live in US. What are the federal and state tax credits that my iSun Oasis solar system qualifies for?

    A tax credit is dollar for dollar reduction in the income tax you owe. Tax credits reduce the income tax you owe to the federal and state government. In the US, the federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows you to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a iSun Oasis solar canopy system from your federal taxes, in the first year of installation itself.

    Some states offer additional tax credits for installing a solar system. With a state solar tax credit, you can deduct a portion of the cost of your iSun Oasis solar system from your state tax bill, similar to the federal ITC. These amounts vary significantly by state.

    Our design studio calculates the applicable federal and/or state level tax credits, based on the planned zipcode location of your iSun Oasis installation.

  • I live in Quebec, Canada. What tax credits are applicable for my iSun Oasis solar system purchase?

    You are eligible for the RenoVert Tax credit. This refundable tax credit has been introduced on a temporary basis to encourage individuals to invest in recognized eco-friendly home renovation work that has a positive environmental impact or improves their dwelling's energy efficiency. The amount of the tax credit you can claim in respect of an eligible dwelling corresponds to 20% of the portion of your eligible expenses paid for iSun Oasis purchase and installation.

  • What costs can I claim as reduction in my federal and / or state tax bill?

    You can claim the total cost of the iSun Oasis solar system including taxes, shipping and total installation costs (including cost of installers, electrician, permits, wiring, conduit, additional equipment and anchoring). Your exact expense items may vary. We recommend you consult a tax professional for details.

  • How does iSun Oasis solar canopy add value to your home?

    The iSun Oasis is beautifully designed to enhance the appearance of your home and increase its value for two reasons – presence of lifestyle-enhancing outdoor shaded space and solar system. New study sponsored by the Department of Energy shows that buyers are willing to pay on an average around $4 for every watt of installed solar power. Solar homes also sell 20% faster than homes without solar, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


  • How much power does the iSun Oasis provide?

    iSun Oasis has a 1.5 kW solar system. It means,

    For house

    Assuming 8 hours of direct sunlight (sunny summer day), the iSun Oasis will produce 12 kWh. An average american home consumes in average 48 kWh in one day *. Therefore, in estimation, the iSun Oasis can provide up to 25% of an average american house consumption on a summer sunny day.

    For an Electric Vehicle:

    On average, an EV battery will give 5 miles or 8 kilometres of driving for every kWh of electricity**. A 1.5 kW solar system will provide 1.5 kWh to an EV battery for every hour of sun, which will give therefore, 7.5 miles or 12 kilometres of driving for every hour of direct sunlight (assuming EV charger is powered by solar energy only from the iSun Oasis).

    The iSun Oasis, offers a Level 2 EV charger, as an optional accessory. The level 2 EV charger will be connected to the electric panel of the house, which receives power from the iSun Oasis and from the grid. During sun hours, we estimate that the iSun Oasis will provide 20% of the power needed for a level 2 charger, the other 80% will come from the grid. At night, the power will come only from the grid.

    A level 2 EV charger will power an EV at 7.4 kW. (In theory, a level 2 charger will give approximately 35 miles or 50 kilometres of driving to an electric car for every hour of charging)

  • What is the energy production of an iSun Oasis?

    The OASIS uses 12 x 125 Watts flexibles solar panels with a total power output of 1500 Watts / 1.5KW. Therefore, in theory:

    • Oasis will provide 25% of the power needed to charge an EV using a level 2 charger.
    • An average american house consumes 900 kWh (kiloWatts hour)in one month, Oasis can cover up to 50% on a sunny summer month. (300 hours of sun per month for estimation)
    • Oasis can power 10 domestic refrigerators at the same time. (Average consumption of a refrigerator is 150 Watts)
    • Oasis can charge 150 smartphones at the same time (estimating power charging at 10W)
  • Can I use the energy produced by iSun Oasis directly?

    No. iSun Oasis is designed as a grid-tied solar power system - energy produced by you iSun solar panel  can be consumed by the power load of the house or is fed-back into the electricity grid.

  • What are the dimensions of iSun Oasis?


  • What comes with the iSun Oasis?

    Structure, solar panels, Inverter, installation hardware and iSun App. Additional accessories are available for extra cost

  • How long does it take to install an iSun Oasis?

    iSun Oasis can be built as a day project. Oasis is designed for easy assembly and can be built by 4 persons with little construction experience. All components are lightweight. Having additional help will expedite the assembly process. Along with your hardware you will receive easy to follow instructions for easy assembly of your iSun Oasis. You will need a qualified solar electrician / installer to connect the system to the your home electricity grid.

  • Do you supply the hardware needed for the installation?

    Yes, a box of hardware will be sent along with your iSun Oasis. This will consist of stainless steel screws, galvanized bolts and nuts. You will however need to procure additional suitable anchoring material, depending on the installation surface material - wood, grass, cement, asphalt etc. Your licensed electrical contractor will need to procure the necessary wiring to connect your iSun Oasis to the supplied solar  inverter and finally your home electric grid, as part of the installation process. Please use all the hardware that is supplied for structural purposes. 

  • What are the estimated cost associated with installation of iSun Oasis?

    The iSun Oasis is a simple kit to install that is only meant to require a licensed electrician for the electrical connections. This helps keep the total cost of iSun very low. We estimate the average cost of install at between USD $500-900 (CAD $600-1000), yet it depends on your home and various factors.

  • Do you offer an installation service?

    For our Canadian customers, we have formed a partnership with SmartReno who can put you in touch with a qualified installer in your area. For our US customers, write to us at and we will refer you to a preferred contractor in your area.


  • Is a permit required for a iSun Oasis Canopy to be erected on your property?

    Depending on your location, iSun Oasis solar electric canopy installation may need local approval as any other building construction and electrical work. Your electrical contractor or installer can coordinate the permitting process and any inspections to verify that the installation meets state and local code requirements. 

  • Who is responsible for obtaining a permit, if needed?

    You are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits. In order to help make your process smooth and accelerate your enjoyment of your iSun Oasis structure, we provide standard building permit specifications necessary for you to obtain a building and electrical permit at no extra charge. In some instances, local building departments may require architectural stamps, or additional upgrades and these services are available (an extra fee may be charged for architectural stamp).

Shipping and delivery

  • To which locations for you ship iSun Oasis and what is your shipping fees?

    We ship iSun Oasis ONLY to a delivery address within the 48 contiguous United States and Canada. We charge a flat fees of USD $399 for delivery in United States and CAD$499 for deliveries in Canada.  For shipments outside these geographic locations, please contact us by email: to discuss your order.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    All our iSun Oasis canopies are made to order, meaning all items for your canopy structure are individually built and other components are procured for you, after your order is placed. Your complete iSun Oasis smart solar canopy will be typically delivered within 10 to 14 weeks from your Order Date. You will be advised of your estimated delivery lead time at the time you place the order.

  • Do you deliver during the evenings or on weekends?

    The delivery team schedules deliveries during normal business hours on weekdays. Saturday or evening deliveries can be arranged, but there is an additional USD $100/ CAD$130 charge. Please email us at to inquire or to set this up for your order.

  • How do I pick my delivery date?

    When the local delivery agent receives your Oasis, they will call you to schedule a four-hour delivery window. The driver will also call the day of delivery to alert you they are on their way.

  • How do I track my order?

    You will receive email updates throughout the fulfillment process, including a tracking number once your order leaves our distribution center. You will be assigned a delivery concierge who will be your point of contact until your product arrives in your home. Feel free to contact us at any point along the way. 

  • What happens if I miss my delivery?

    If you are not present at the agreed upon delivery window, you will be charged a fee of USD $100 / CAD $130.  Orders that are required to be held at a local distribution center for more than 2 weeks incur a weekly charge of USD $35 / CAD $50 (plus applicable taxes).

  • How do your kits come delivered?

    Your iSun Oasis canopy kit components are delivered curbside and kit components will be protected in shrink-wrap. If you purchase iSun Oasis accessories such as EV chargers, Smart light etc,  they will be securely placed on top of the kit.

  • What should I do if my iSun Oasis is damaged or has manufacturing defects on delivery?

    If any damages or manufacturing defects are reported within 14 days of delivery, we will request you to send us pictures to We may optionally hire a specialist to examine your iSun Oasis, if needed. We will initially try to repair the damaged or defective area at no cost to you. If we are unable to repair the damage, we will arrange a re-order.

  • Do you ship outside the contiguous U.S. or other international locations?

    We do! We can coordinate shipping outside the 48 contiguous United States and Canada. For such orders, we will coordinate delivery to your preferred freight forwarding service and you will be responsible for paying for freight forwarding services.

    As much as we’d like to prevent it, please note that additional shipping and brokerage fees may apply. As a result, orders shipped outside the contiguous U. S. and Canada are not eligible for returns except where damages or defects apply. In addition, it can take a few weeks longer for your order to arrive.

    To learn more about shipping outside the contiguous U. S., please email us at

Cancellation and returns

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We will submit your order to the our factory for procurement and production, three (3) calendar days after the Order Date. During this three (3) day period, you may cancel your order without charge. Your Order Deposit Payment will be refundable if you cancel within this three (3) day period.

    As such, we stock a very limited amount of inventory, therefore we incur significant costs in starting production and procurement of components for your iSun Oasis. We also incur significant costs for remarketing and reselling the iSun Oasis, if you cancel the order before shipment. As a result, should you decide to cancel your order three (3) calendar days after your Order Date, we will charge a 20% cancellation fees on your total Order Value (excluding taxes and shipping) and refund you the balance of your Order Deposit Payment.

  • What is your return policy?

    Renewz has a 14-day return policy for customers within the 48 contiguous United States and Canada. You can return your iSun Oasis canopy within 14 days of accepting the delivery. A 15% Re-Stocking fee will be charged on any item returned. Customer is responsible for return-shipping fee.

    To facilitate the return process, we’d love it if you’d send us pictures of the order to to issue you a Return Confirmation. Returns must be sent back promptly within two weeks of Return Confirmation. Please note that if the product has been damaged in any way or shows evidence of having been used, we won’t be able to take it back and refund your money.


  • What is your recommended maintenance of my iSun Oasis?

    Your iSun Oasis is designed to virtually maintenance free. The curved solar panel design ensures rain and snow drain off easily. We recommend you sweep the outside curved rooftop of canopy, once in a while to remove any debris / dust and wipe down the rust proof structure occasionally. 


  • What are your warranty policy for iSun Oasis smart solar canopy?

    Applicable to the original owner and original delivery address only. Renewz guarantees that the aluminium frame and structure of its iSun Oasis smart solar canopy will be free from manufacturer’s defects and corrosion for lifetime (for as long as you own the home). Our solar panels come with manufacturer’s 25 year power performance warranty and the inverter is guaranteed for a period of 10 years.