Who is iSun Energy?

iSun Energy is the wholly owned division of Renewz Sustainable Solutions Inc., an 8yr old company which has owners who have been in the solar energy industry since 1988.

We are privately-held and completely own our equity, so are not beholden to venture capitalist whims or reporting every quarter to a public listing ownership which could go sour on the simple basis of rumours. We are solidly entrenched in the EV community since our founder helped General Motors create their own solar canopies back in 2010-2011. In fact, in May 2012, he was inside the Tesla factory helping them with their solar plans too!

From our HQ in Montreal, Canada, we direct the production of our components from the highest quality suppliers, using our decades of supply experience to ensure maximum consistency. We have designed ALL of our own products for maximum control on the production process, and to help ensure that the “little things that count” are incorporated into the products. Since we live and breathe “clean energy”, by using renewables to power our office and even electric vehicles for our road trips, we feel that we can understand our customers better and deliver an ultimate user experience to them.

During the past eight years, we have completed commercial projects with Duke Energy, the City of Lansing (Michigan), Admiralty Inn Hotel (Cape Cod), Panasonic (headquarters), Baka Mobile (Canada’s leading independent mobility provider), Alectra Solutions (Ontario’s second largest publicly owned utility), the Battery Innovation Center (Indiana), Tom Wood Management (largest car group in Indiana) and more.

We’ve taken all of this experience and embraced the learnings into the next generation of solar shading systems, namely the Palm and Oasis.