Our Leadership Team

  • Sass Peress, CEO & Renewable Energy Ambassador

    Sass is a high-energy, innovation architect with decades of achievements in global renewable energy product development and marketing, public company leadership and community involvement. He’s been passionate about renewable energy and clean mobility since launching ICP Solar, his first startup in 1988. Having founded Quebec’s first ever solar panel factory in 2001, he then moved onto developing platforms that intertwined solar energy. He is currently enjoying true sustainable living in a fully hydro-electric and wind powered home, while participating in Renewz’s promotional and technical developments through interaction with their very own electric vehicle. Having visited Tesla’s factory in May 2012 and helped in discussions towards the design of their own solar canopy for their SuperChargers, Sass is involved daily in the electric vehicle communities both on and offline.

  • Sasi Chodagam, Chief Strategy Officer

    Dr. Sasi Chodagam is a seasoned entrepreneur with business development, fund-raising and strategy experience across diverse industries (Renewable Energy, Biotechnology and Technology). He has previously served as Director of Business Development at Titan Energy Systems Ltd., a leading Indian solar panel manufacturer for which he grew the annual revenues from $3M to over $40M. He is currently based at Basel, Switzerland close to key European markets and helps manage Renewz’s software development and community expansion. He is also a part of the management team responsible for developing and executing the long-term growth strategy for Renewz. He completed his Doctorate in Science from University of Cambridge, UK in 2002 followed by a Business Management Certificate from the London Business School. Sasi’s years of experience in building online communities, combined with solar panel manufacturing have been inspiring components to the team at iSun.

  • Dan Cohen, Chief Technology Officer

    Dan is a seasoned senior executive with deep background in technology, research and development, and innovation. Dan has over 20 years of experience in executive and consulting roles across North America, including IBM Global Services, Oracle Corporation, Clear Thinking Technology and Accelerated Ventures. He brings a unique balance of vision, strategy and execution that has served start-up groups and Fortune 100 companies in more than 60 engagements. Dan’s steady thinking and participation at the genesis stage of iSun helped direct development in the right direction.