Flight Test of a New Solar-Powered Airplane Has Successfully Been Achieved

Credit photo: J. Revillard / Rezo.ch / SolarStratos

The next Innovation in Aviation: Solar Planes

The first flight test of an all new solar-powered airplane has successfully been achieved! Swiss adventurers behind the project performed a seven-minute flight test at low altitude during “ideal” flight conditions. Next goal: the group anticipates reaching the edge of space!

The solar plane is a 82-foot wide, two-seater covered in solar panels. Raphael Domjan, the leader of the SolarStratos project, actually circled the globe in a solar-powered catamaran in 2012 therefore we’re all expecting really cool things coming our way with this amazing project.

Although commercial planes fly between 10,000 and 60,000 feet, the group is thrilled with the success thus far and looking forward to being the first group to take a solar flight covering up to 80,000 feet by 2019.